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In the town next to the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, where the background music of the Sundays is the sound of the engines, the formation of a motorsport fan club was unavoidable. If it had to be a club, of course it would be a Ferrari one, dedicated especially to Enzo Ferrari, the worldwide known Boss famous for the victories with his red cars. It was 1967, and the fantasy of the sportsmen was stimulated by the duels between Ferrari and Ford during the Prototypes World Championship. Newspapers had titles like “the goniometer against the computer” and the victories in procession, as the one in the Daytona 24, made Italians prouder and prouder. During the 1000 kilometres of Monza, in the test day, the newborn Club started its activities. The first members attended the event with a big yellow and black banner, with the writing “Scuderia Ferrari Club Vedano al Lambro”. Being unusual for that time at racetracks, the club impressed a lot of people, and thanks to the big sign, even Ma’am Laura Ferrari, the Boss’ Wife, along with the two pilots Lorenzo Bandini and Mike Parkes discovered the association. The first thing that came up to mind was to meet up with people really into Ferrari and to discuss about motorsport events or even follow the Red Cars of Maranello during the races. In the first years the members of the club were over 200 and the trips, also out of the Country, were attended by lots of people. Furthermore, the club was attended by the Brambilla brothers, Vittorio and Tino, worldwide known and appreciated pilots from Monza. Tino Brambilla, after lots of good results in other Formulas, had the great occasion to race with Ferrari in the 1968 Italian Grand Prix. The week before this event saw him and the club members talk every nights about the debut he was going to do in the Club's first headquarters (the Campana Bar). His brother Vittorio wasn’t racing at that time and maybe, thanks to those unforgettable discussions, he wanted to try, getting the results the everyone knows. We are proud to think that his debut was born within our club, really close to the Monza Racetrack. Lots of pictures are attached on the walls of our headquarters.

  • Foundation Year: 1967
  • First Event: 1000 km of Monza (April 25, 1967)
  • Number of members: about 1600
  • Headquarters: Via Italia, 13 - 20854 Vedano al Lambro (MB), Italy

Directive Council


Giovanni Marras

Vice President

Sergio Sala


Domenico Vassallo


Alessandro Biassoni

Added Secretary

Gaetano Galante


Giulio Carlo Colombo


Daniele Pistis

Honorary President

Ercole Colombo

President Emeritus

Osvaldo Vismara

Honorary Member

Franco Scandinaro

Honorary Member

Stefano Domenicali

Lifelong Membership

Ernesto "Tino" Brambilla

Lifelong Membership

Margherita Bandini

Social Purpose

Grouping a lot of motorsports fans with the aim to follow motorsport races. Without any kind of profit-making, we devolve our money to beneficials purposes.


Our members follow motorsport races all over Europe, United States of America, Brasil, Argentina and South Africa. The most attended trips are usually to Monaco, France, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Spain and England.


  • Expo Racing Cars, 9 times:
    1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017.
    It is an exhibition of F1 cars by Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, Brabham, Osella, Alfa Romeo, Jordan, BAR, Minardi, Toleman, Tyrrell, Benetton and other race cars from Fiat, Lancia and Maserati.
  • Small Motorbike Races
  • Karting Grand Prix
  • Indoor Karting
  • Ecologic Grand Prix (1989) with more than 60 electric solar-powered cars.
  • Treasure Hunt - Model Cars exhibition
  • Raffle matches
  • Invitation to 1^ Motor Monza (1991)
  • Social dinners with pilots, engineers, reporters, mechanics...
  • Ferrari cars exhibition at "M. L. Verga" in Biassono
  • Promoters for naming a street after Enzo Ferrari
  • "Memorial Vittorio Brambilla" award
  • Football matches between F1 pilots
  • For over 30 years, thirty members of our club take part in the organization of the Italian Grand Prix. They reserve the access to the photograpers' grandstands only to the authorized ones and they help them with their heavy and bulky equipment.

Humans Purposes & Benefits

Coupled with the varius events, organized by the Club, we did some lotteries and fundraiser with stalls. The proceeds were given to:

  • Purchasing of a Fiat Ducato 8-seat van for the U.I.L.D.M of Monza
  • Amount of money devolved for the purchase of an ambulance used by the Association "Amici dell'Unitalsi" of Vedano al Lambro/li>
  • Amount of money devolved for the research against Cancer
  • Amount of money devolved for the research of U.I.L.D.M.
  • Amount of money devolved for TELEFONO AZZURRO
  • Amount of money devolved for A.I.D.O. of Vedano al Lambro that contributed for a transplant operation.
  • Amount of money devolved to Association “Amici di Pepi Cereda", for the purchase of medical and technical equipment for ambulance
  • Amount of money devolved to "Gruppo Volontari della Brianza Giussano" that contributed for the realization of the Orphange in KALRICNAI (BATTICIALDA, SRI LANKA) that will be managed by nuns APOSTOLIC CARMEL
  • Amount of money devolved to "Amici dell'Unitalsi" of Vedano al Lambro
  • Amount of money devolved for earthquake victims in Abruzzo, with the help of the pilot Jarno Trulli
  • Amount of money devolved to Padre Giulio, missionary PIME , that contributed to support a mission in Philippines
  • Amount of money devolved for earthquake victims in Haiti, with Fondazione Francesca Rava
  • Amount of money devolved to the association O.N.L.U.S. O.R.E.M.I., that contributed to support children in India.
  • Amount of money devolved to U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I. of Monza, that contributed for "Casa della Gioia" in Borghetto S. Spirito
  • Amount of money devolved to "Amici dell'Unitalsi" di Vedano al Lambro, that contributed to build "Casa Francesco”
  • Amount of money devolved to Fondazione Ricerca Fibrosi Cistica - Onlus with the help of the pilot Rachele Somaschini.
  • Amount of money devolved to Ospedale San Gerardo (Monza) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A big Thanks to:

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza - INA ASSITALIA di Monza - Valli e Colombo - Beta Utensili - Vega Editore - Ferrari World - C&V Advertising - Ercole Colombo - Franco Scandinaro - Giancarlo Torchio - Giancarlo Fossati - VPM Editrice - Exide Batterie - 2GL - Centro Culturale Don Primo Mazzolari - Segreteria del Premio Fotografico Gilles Villeneuve - RAI Radio Televisione Italiana - TeleMontecarlo - Mediaset - TeleNova - Antenna Tre Lombardia - SportItalia - MotoriOnLine - G&G House Project - Amministrazione Comunale di Vedano al Lambro.

Our Friends:

Everyone and especially:
Michele Alboreto, Jean Alesi, Luca Badoer, Mauro Baldi, Lorenzo Bandini, Fabrizio Barbazza, Paolo Barilla, Rubens Barrichello, Gianluca Beggio, Gerhard Berger, Tiziana Borghi, Thierry Boutsen, Tino Brambilla, Vittorio Brambilla, Luciano Burti, Ivan Capelli, Johnny Cecotto, Peo Consonni, Corrado Fabi, Teo Fabi, Giorgio Francia, John Gentry, Piercarlo Ghinzani, Bruno Giacomelli, Roberta Gremignani, Nicola Larini, Charles Leclerc, Lella Lombardi, Antonella Mandelli, Nigel Mansell, Pierluigi Martini, Felipe Massa, Massimo Meregalli, Andrea Montermini, Gianni Morbidelli, Alessandro Nannini, Mike Parkes, Riccardo Patrese, Fabrizio Pirovano, Scott Russel, Michael Schumacher, Rachele Somaschini, Gabriele Tarquini, Jarno Trulli.
Andrea de Adamich, Pino Allievi, Rebeca Álvarez, Rossella Amadesi, Umberto Andreoletti, Margherita Bandini, Marino Bartoletti, Federico Bendinelli, Pietro Benvenuti, Oscar Berselli, Franco Bobbiese, Alberto Borghini, Giancarlo Bruno, Luca Budel, Pepi Cereda, Carlo Chiti, Roberto Cinquanta, Silvia Colombo, Walter Consonni, Mauro Coppini, Giampaolo Dallara, Stefano Domenicali, Giorgio Ferri, Mauro Forghieri, Carlo Gaeta, Franco Gozzi, Robin Herd, Enzo Mauri, Gianfranco Mazzoni, Nestore Morosini, Claudia Peroni, Giorgio Piola, Mario Poltronieri, Maurizio Quarta, Mara Sangiorgio, Alessandro Secchi, Valerio Stradi, Romolo Tavoni, Giorgio Terruzzi, Gigi Vignando, Andrea Villa, Nigel Wollheim, Ezio Zermiani, Alessandra Zinno.

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